Big Thumbs-up For Priyanka Gandhi As She Starts Her Political Journey

She is smart, charismatic and politically aware. She is also the scion of India’s most powerful dynasty. Priyanka Gandhi, Congress’ ultimate weapon has finally emerged into the spotlight, unleashing a wave of emotions ranging from sheer excitement to quiet nervousness.

For someone who has always worked in the sidelines, Priyanka’s political entry just weeks before the BIG 2019 elections is purely strategical. One that not only challenges the BJP at the center but also the power dynamics in India’s most populous state.

While the ‘Priyanka’ bombshell has forced political parties to rethink their plans, how has this news affected the common man? Is she liked or is she not? Do they believe in her might or do they not? Here’s Piplsay* connecting the dots

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Priyanka Gandhi’s entry has galvanized allies the same way it has rattled her political opponents. In her very first political debut, she is pitched against two BJP strongmen – PM Modi, whose constituency Varanasi she will be overseeing and UP CM Yogi Adityanath who is fighting hard to retain his party’s dominance in the state. Not forgetting the threat she is likely to pose to the newly formed Mayawati-Akhilesh Yadav combine.

But even for the Congress, the move to play Priyanka – its best and probably the last weapon is nothing short of a gamble. Will it pay off? That’s something the next 90 days will tell. But for now, the 47-year-old has hit the ground running, stealing the spotlight away from the two main men.

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