Bollywood Stars In Demand! The New Movers & Shakers

The award season is in full swing and its raining trophies on Bollywood stars who managed to make their mark. Unlike before, there are quite a few surprise entries and wins this time around, redefining the status quo that has long existed in the industry.

2018 saw some big budget movies perform miserably at the box office while many small budget movies made a killing, introducing us to talents that would otherwise be lost in the din. It was also a year of several powerful debuts – from star kids to TV stars to relative newcomers, many of whom were launched with much hype and fanfare. And the trend is set to continue this year too.

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But away from all the critics and the jury, which Bollywood star has managed to impress most of the crowd and who is the one getting the biggest shout-out. Here’s what Piplsay found





The Indian film industry has seen some drastic changes over the years, be it its overdependence on superstars or its safe storylines. With the fine line between mainstream and unconventional cinema having blurred, what we are witnessing today are movies that are not just pure entertainers but also trendsetters in terms of content and originality.

And its the Bollywood stars that seem to savor it all, giving their audience something new and interesting to cheer about. It’s a tough race to the top but for now, its these stars that seem to be enjoying most of the popular slots.

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