Catching Them Young – The Booming World Of Cartoon Merchandising

They are vibrant, full of fun and hugely adored by the little ones. Cartoon characters today are totally on a roll, not just on television but also our homes.

The influence of cartoons on kids is simply tremendous, one that is fast influencing their way of life. It is little wonder, then, that the market is brimming with cartoon based merchandise of all shapes and sizes. From toys to stationeries, fashion to personal care we have them all, adding a hint of colour and fantasy to our everyday lives. Character merchandising today has become a big business, one that has turned cartoons into more than just entertainment.

So which cartoon characters are making big waves and what are the factors that are driving this kiddie craze? Here’s what parents across the country had to tell Piplsay.

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The key to cartoon merchandising is in the character’s popularity and relatability. Brands, therefore, invest a lot of time and money in building the character’s identity and marketability before monetizing it. Either way merchandising helps fans experience the best of their favorite toons. And it’s not limited to just kids, even young adults are increasingly seen flaunting their favorite picks.


The character licensing and merchandising business is set for a huge expansion. Already it is growing at over 15% per year, aided strongly by the ongoing e-commerce explosion

From a small target segment to a huge business opportunity, character merchandising today has come a long way. And it’s only expected to be more bright and colorful in the coming years, given the internet boom and our never-ending love for cartoons.

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