The dark side of dating apps- it’s not always about the right match

With Facebook all set to enter the dating apps arena, old-timers like Tinder will be forced to clean up their act, We are living in a jet-set-go world where we want everything fast - fast cars, fast food, fast updates even fast love. Long gone are the days of waiting, approaching and courting. Be it one-off dating, long-term dating or marriage, millennials today want to skip the drills and ...

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WhatsAPP India! What are you busy downloading?

First came the big websites, then came their miniatures - apps that open in a snap. These tiny buttons have totally changed the way we live our lives. Be it calling a friend, shopping, booking a holiday, reading news or just relaxing to some music, there's always an app to do just that. Such is the mad rush that global app downloads topped a whopping 175 million downloads last year....

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Beware of your voice assistant – It may be eavesdropping on you

It can order dinner, switch on the light, play your favorite music or make a call All this with just your voice command. But what if your virtual assistant does more than what is being asked? The recent news about Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, sending an American couple's private conversation to a random person in their contact list on its own has raised some serious concerns about these AI enabled ...

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We are gobbling up the internet like never before but who’s complaining?

500 million and counting... This is the expected number of internet users in the country in 2018 It's quite literally the start of the digital era in India! Not only has internet usage increased, even the way it is accessed has undergone a radical change. An estimated 80% people in the country access internet on their mobile phones. With close to 470 million mobile internet users, India is already the second largest online market in ...

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Online Surveys and YOU – It’s all about the money!

Next time you have some free time in hand, make sure you are turning it into cash! Your favorite brands are out there looking for feedback. So stop watching that YouTube video and start voicing your opinion. It's a competitive world out there and companies are caught in the tight race to stay on top. For them, bringing the right product at the right time to the right audience is as important ...

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