Dil Maange More! India’s Never-Ending Obsession With Smartphones

They are getting bigger, slimmer, slicker & a whole lot smarter

Smartphones today are evolving into sophisticated machines, bringing new technologies on our fingertips. The constant buzz of notifications, updates, feeds and pings have all but enslaved us to this irresistible device. Ten years since it all began, the Indian smartphone market continues to expand despite the overcrowding. Already, over 150 brands are fighting for a piece of the action with new launches and entrants adding to the rivalry.

But what are the factors that are powering their rapid rise and more importantly which brands are giving the best value for the price? Here’s what Piplsay’s 3000 smartphone crazy respondents had to tell

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While looks and features will continue to entice smartphones owners to opt for the best there are other inescapable facts that will drive this mobile mania. Over 60% mobile users in India still don’t own a smartphone and over 60% Indians still don’t have access to the internet.

These staggering numbers are enough to understand why India will remain a hotbed for smartphone makers for a long time to come. Far from saturation, the smartphone revolution seems to have only just begun.

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