Green Mobility; Is India Ready for Electric Vehicles?

Move over internal combustion engines, the future now belongs to the electric ones. Electric vehicles once lauded simply as green alternatives are fast becoming mainstream today, threatening the very existence of petrol and diesel engines. The world is quickly adapting to electric vehicles with a host of countries, cities, and states working towards phasing out conventional vehicles in the next few years.

So where does India, the world’s fourth-largest automobile market, stand in this new scheme of things? For one, the government seems committed to promoting electric mobility in the country and has pledged to convert 30% of all vehicles on the road to electric by 2030. It has also begun rolling out schemes and policies to support the domestic electric vehicle industry. But how are ordinary Indians – the end consumers, looking at this development? Long used to petrol and diesel engines, are they really prepared to make the switch to new energy vehicles? Piplsay finds out:

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While countries in the West are taking huge strides in the EV game, India is still in the nascent stages. But it won’t be the case for long. Not only are Indians opening up to the new technology, as clearly shown by the Piplsay survey, but even the government is going all out to promote it, offering as much as $1.4 billion in subsidies. These include subsidies for upto 10 lakh electric two-wheelers and 55,000 electric cars. These two segments alone make for a huge market.

About 22 million two-wheelers and over 3 million passenger cars were sold in India in 2018, underlining the huge scope for electric vehicles

Globally, EV’s are fast becoming the new normal. Already battery prices are falling, driving range is increasing while models are diversifying. All that India needs to do is step up the resolve and get set for an electric drive.

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