Hollywood Megastars; Who’s Made It Big In India?

It’s Hollywood shining in the land of Bollywood or so it seems. Marvel’s Avengers- Endgame, released this month is glittering proof of that. The Robert Downey Jr-Chris Evans-Chris Hemsworth extravaganza has completely overwhelmed the Indian audiences, and in doing so has heralded a new era for such genres in India.

Though Hollywood’s record-breaking box-office numbers are definitely new to India, our good old fascination for Hollywood isn’t. English movies, as they are popularly known, have always been a breath of fresh air with their unique and original concepts – be it content, action or graphics. As Indians became more and more exposed to global content, this fascination only increased, not just for the movies but also the stars. Today, Hollywood actors have a huge fan following in India and their movies manage to generate the same excitement as a Bollywood star’s movie would. Piplsay digs deep to find out who are the Hollywood biggies who are making waves in India.

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Hollywood Favourites in india


Unlike Bollywood stars who are often limited to a few genres, Hollywood actors and actresses have a huge array of options to choose from and excel at. And this has been a big differentiating factor for movie-buffs in the country. Hollywood stars today have a huge fan following in India and given the increasing number of movie releases, it is only likely to grow with each passing year.

Taking their popularity even further are streaming platforms like Netflix and Hotstar, who with their exhaustive movie lists and original productions ensure that fans continue watching their favorite stars, regardless of whether they hit the big screens or not.

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