India goals for Brazil as FIFA 2018 fever rages on

A little over 10 days of packed action, 85 splashes of goals, dollops of jaw-dropping finishes and some crushed hopes. The FIFA 2018 World Cup is already stirring up an exciting recipe.

Celebrating this festival called World Cup are not just fans from across the globe but also our very own desi crowd who are taking to the sport like never before. The FIFA fever has united them as much as it had divided them over team loyalties.

Piplsay took a quick pan India poll to understand this euphoria that is Football and got some interesting insights. In over 18000 responses that we got, 65% belonged to those in the age group of 25-44

Who’s running faster?

Five-time champions Brazil remains an overwhelming favorite for a majority of our respondents, both as the most favorite team for support and the one to win the coveted trophy. Portugal surprisingly fails to make a cut

Russia’s 5-0 win against Saudi Arabia and 3-1 win against Egypt seems to have gotten them a fan following as the host nation make a surprise entry as one of the favorite teams. Together, the top five teams have close to 60% respondents gunning for them.

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fifa-2018-india-fav-team-support-team win-piplsay

The Piplsay poll shows that despite some major upsets in the ongoing group stages, fans still hope for their favorite teams to bounce back and make a splash. For now, though, only Russia and Portugal (after a draw with Iran) have managed to advance to the next stage while the fate of the remaining four hangs by a thread including that of defending champions Germany.

Both Germany and Argentina must win their next game to stay in contention for the knockout round while Brazil must at least ensure a draw in their last match to move forward.

Messi’s a mess, Ronaldo continues to impress

Fans across all age groups and regions continue to have faith in Christiano Ronaldo’s talent as he remains the top choice for the highest scorer. And they may have every reason to do so. The Portugal striker has scored all 4 goals for his team so far including his first hat-trick against Spain.

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Argentina’s Lionel Messi, on the other hand, seems to be completely missing in action. The star player failed to convert a penalty in his first match resulting in a draw with rookie Iceland. Worse, his team suffered a humiliating 3-0 defeat against Croatia.

Yet as Piplsay poll reveals, Messi’s fans don’t want to give up on their ‘Messiah’. He is still next in line after Ronaldo, the huge gap between them showing the little man’s slipping grip. Only East and North East showed their preference for Uruguay’s Luiz Suarez over Messi

None of the other favorites have made a mark so far, with England’s Harry Kane (5) and Belgium’s Romelu Lukakun (4) occupying the top two spots along with Ronaldo.

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On a lighter note

India’s passion for Football is at its peak with everyone wanting a slice of the action. By donning their favorite team’s jersey to cheering with their friends, football fans are going all out to support their teams.

The FIFA 2018 world cup has already seen several ups and downs within the first two weeks. While there have been many big gasps (especially with regards to the giants), the big surprises have undoubtedly come from the dwarfs. Smaller upcoming teams like Iceland, Switzerland, Mexico, Senegal and Japan have changed the course of the game, stumping top teams with their impressive run.

Given this, India’s support for Russia doesn’t look all that misplaced

With the knock out round starting later this week it will be interesting to see which team rises to the occasion and which team surrenders.

The stakes are high and so are the hopes!

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