Indians are busy chatting as voice assistants become a rage

Indians are busy chatting as voice assistants become a rage

Voice Assistants have taken over our lives and how!

These digital assistants are the latest fad and are fast becoming our go-to person, albeit virtually. All it takes is just an ‘Alexa’ ,’Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Siri’. The launch of Amazon Echo and Google Home in the country have only upped the ante.

Indians have never shied away from using the latest technologies and they don’t disappoint here either.

A recent research conducted by Piplsay shows that a staggering 87% Indians use voice assistants to ease their lives. Amongst these, over half of them talk to their assistants every single day. The research, which intended to explore the voice adaptability in the country, was conducted among more than 18000 diverse respondents over a period of one week.

The virtual bots are most popular with those in the age group of 18-34, reiterating the millennials quick adoption and easy relationship with technology.

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Unsurprisingly, smartphones remain the most preferred choice amongst all voice-enabled devices for all age groups. Smartphones are still the only personal electronic device that most Indians rely on and can easily afford. With a burgeoning smartphone market in India, this dependence is only going to grow.

In terms of popularity, Google Assistant wins it hands down and quite naturally. Most smartphones in India work on the Android operating system including Samsung and Xiaomi, the two highest selling smartphones in the country.

Apple’s Siri has still not broken into the Indian market and already it has not one but two competitors. The fact that both Google Home and Alexa are already inching closer to Siri’s popularity within a few months of their launch is sure to make them squirm.


The Indian user also seems to have graduated beyond the initial thrill of a speaking bot as reflected in the Piplsay survey. Most respondents seem to use voice assistants to address their day to day needs and activities as opposed to just fun and pleasure.

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Smart Speakers – the new kid in town

Taking our voice fascination to the next level is the smart speaker. The Indian market is currently a fertile ground for tech companies to spread their wings. Both Alexa and Google Home made their big-ticket entry this year to seize the opportunity and going by the Piplsay survey it looks like they hit the target just right. More than 8 out of 10 people aspire to own these chatty little boxes in the near future


Despite the visible excitement, privacy seems to be a concern for a significant number of respondents. After all, voice assistants are always connected to the internet, uploading our data to their parent servers, whether we like it or not

The latest incidents of assistants acting out on their own only add to this nervousness.

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Yet, privacy is not likely to come in the way of their growing popularity and demand. What’s more, they are now going beyond just the niche crowd. Voice assistants are increasingly getting more localized, understanding accents and vocabulary not just in Hindi but also in other regional languages.

There is no denying the fact that AI is the future. The Piplsay survey clearly shows that Indians are excited about this brewing revolution and don’t want to be left behind.

From assistants to voice-based home automation, our lifestyle is all set for a slow but sure makeover.

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