Indians say cheers to beer

Indians say cheers to Beer and all things foreign

The much-loved Whiskey has a reason to be sour

This smooth smoky drink has for the longest time ruled both our hearts and shelves. After all, which drink can give you the high for less. Such is the craze that India continues to be the top Whiskey guzzling country in the world.

But looks like preferences are slowly beginning to change. Mugs are now ruling with a thump

The frothy Beer is fast replacing Whiskey to become the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country.

This pint.. err point was revealed in a poll conducted by Piplsay to understand habits and preferences of our nations drink lovers. Turns out Indians not only cherish their drink but love to talk about it too. The poll saw close to 18,000 responses in just two days!! Such was the enthusiasm.

Dear Beer!

Whether it’s a lifestyle change or a cultural shift, Indians are simply happy to chug a beer. It’s light, refreshing and a great match for the hot Indian summers.

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According to the Piplsay poll, Beer outnumbers every other drink in its popularity across all age groups and regions. It is a big hit particularly with youngsters who are always up for some fun. Confirming this changing trend are the number of brands (and flavors) that are flooding the market. So are the breweries that are mushrooming everywhere.


The only place beer does not match up is to the combined power of the spirit world. Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Brandy etc together strongly dominate and seem to be the preference for over 50% respondents

Wine, on the other hand, is slowly making its presence felt as reiterated by the poll result. Despite its high costs and elitist tag, it is getting quite popular especially with women and early starters.

Brand loyalty, what’s that?

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Gone are the days when customers would stick to their favorites. Today’s drinkers, particularly the millennials are comfortable migrating between beer, wine and spirits and are less loyal to brands and price points. According to the Piplsay poll, those in the age group of 25-44 are seen to be most inclined towards experimenting with their drinks.

Surprisingly, the love for foreign brand persists despite some very popular and fine Indian makes.  Among those who prefer imported brand for its quality, over 50% belong to the 35-44 age group. They are followed by 25-34 yr old’s, the segment which has both the desire and ability to spend on the best.


So while brands, on the one hand, are happy with the increasing appetite of Indian drinkers, on the other they are all caught in a rat race to stay relevant. Ultimately, it all boils down to who is seen and who is not, for both brands as well as the customers.

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That’s something to learn from the Western world’s creative streak. From asking followers to vote on every element and taste of their drinks to funny/inspirational advertisements and short videos, they go all out to woo the audiences.

So let’s drink


As evident, Indians mostly are happy drinkers, who love a really good company

Interestingly, an impressive number of respondents seem to be comfortable drinking with their spouse and family elders, showing a shift in the cultural mindset and attitude

Reason or no reason, there’s no denying the fact that Indians love drinking. And in this fight between beer, spirits and wine, it is clearly the drink with the fizz that is chilling at the top.

So with that, can we now hear some cheer? Coz Oktoberfest is almost here!

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