It’s a ‘Beautiful’ life – India’s growing love for cosmetics

It’s the world of the bold and the beautiful or so we are made to believe. Flawless men and women entice us everywhere – be it TV, magazines or social media. Living in the world of Kardashians, Beckhams, Kapoors and Khans to name a few, looking beautiful has become the quickest way to being beautiful.

The obsession over beauty is driving a boom in the global grooming industry and India is the newest hotspot. Riding on increasing awareness, purchasing power and a high premium placed on personal grooming, the cosmetic industry here is growing twice as fast as the US and Europe. To understand this growing trend Piplsay did a quick pan India survey and found that beauty is as much on the surface as it is skin-deep.

It’s all about the beauty

Changing lifestyles and attitudes along with social expectations are increasingly influencing the way we look and feel. The entire cosmetic industry is spurred by the desire and dissatisfaction arising from our constant exposure to near perfect bodies and images.

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The fact that over 80% people spend on cosmetics often shows the growing demand and market for the same

East leads the race here with over 60% people in the age group of 25-34 buying beauty products frequently. North follows closely with those in the age group of 35-44 showing equal enthusiasm as well.

Though every aspect of our look has now become important, the moolah still lies in skincare. While we may argue that looks make the good first impression, the fact that we are still a ‘fair skin’ obsessed country is something that cannot be ignored. The growing number of lightening creams in the market is a proof of that. Price clearly is not a deterrent in our quest for beauty going by the number of premium products and brands that enter the market regularly, a fact reiterated by Piplsay survey as well.

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However, despite the market being flooded with reputed foreign brands, Indians are not biased towards them. An impressive number of people across all regions seem to trust Indian makes, most of which are now as good in quality and variety as their foreign counterparts. Besides they also have the advantage of knowing our needs and expectations the best.

Old is still gold

While cosmetic companies are making a killing, they still can’t take it easy especially with the growing demand for chemical-free products. In a country where nature has always provided the best solutions, it is hardly surprising that we trust traditional methods a lot more. Be it our grandmother’s age-old home remedies or our preference for natural products. This shift from the artificial has now created sub-industries to cater our different likes and wants.

While East shows the maximum preference for natural cosmetics products, West shows the least inclination towards it among all regions

Good looks don’t just make a social impression, they are financially rewarding as well. Several studies have shown that beauty impacts how people are treated in the workplace. Little wonder, then, that looks have become an important way of life. Beauty today is no longer subtle. It is big, bold and in your face with just about everyone running this beautiful race.

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