Need For Speed; India’s Popular Two-Wheeler Brands

“Marketing is often about emotions than intellect” This saying can’t be further from the truth for most brands who are caught up in the rat race today. Machines included. Remember the ‘Hamara Bajaj’ advertisement from the 80’s that managed to evoke a unique sense of pride in all of us? That’s the marketing weapon most two-wheeler brands in the country have continued to use over the years, though their target audience might have changed.

Be it Royal Enfield’s ‘Everyone makes way for a Bullet’ or TVS Apache’s ‘Racing DNA Unleased’, Honda’s ‘The Power Of Dreams’ or Hero Pleasure’s ‘Why Should Boys Have All The Fun’, emotional marketing has often been the first step in two-wheeler sales. Though, its the performance that ultimately drives the brand’s success. So in this age of limited chances and unlimited choices, which brands have managed to hit the right note and what are the aspects that interest consumers the most? Here’s what Piplsay* found out

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With more than 44 units of bikes and scooters sold every minute, India is the largest two-wheeler market in the world at present. Two factors that have helped and will continue to push this growth are rapid urbanization and a fast-growing middle-class.

Last fiscal year alone, annual domestic sale of two-wheelers was six times that of car sales over the same period

The potential for two-wheelers in India is simply huge. With changing needs and new players in the field, the industry is all set for a huge makeover. And a good-looking one at that with stars like Akshay, Virat, Alia and Ranbir adding the initial zing.

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  1. The overall review was great but, “why should boys have all the fun?” Is the tagline for Hero Pleasure, not TVS Scooty.

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