No Kidding! Cartoons Have Become A Serious Part Of Our Lives

Jungle Jungle baat chali hai, pata chala hai… remember the tune? Growing up in the 90’s, it was almost the soundtrack of one’s childhood. Cartoons back then were few and sparse yet they were an integral part of the growing up process. Be it Mowgli, Uncle Scrooge, Richie Rich, He-Man or Scooby Doo.

A lot has changed since then, with countless characters and shows jamming our television sets at all hours of the day. But if there’s one thing that has remained unchanged it’s the unlimited joy that cartoons bring to kids even today.

To better understand this craze, Piplsay reached out to parents* across the country to find out what’s buzzing in their kids fun and colorful world of cartoons.

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Despite the age-old debate over its addiction and impact, the cartoon industry continues to thrive with both Indian and international shows trying hard to woo their young audiences. Be it flying Doraemon, laddu eating Chota Bheem or the clueless Charlie Chaplin, cartoons never cease to amaze the little ones. It’s their own sweet escape from the serious adult world to the one that is brimming with imagination and fun.

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