Driving Green Towards an Electric Future

In 2014 Elon Musk famously proclaimed, "We will not stop until every car on the road is electric". Little did he know that just a ...

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India’s #MeToo Story – An Everyday Reality

There is a new revolution brewing and it is taking the world by storm. The #MeToo movement is gaining momentum with each passing day, ...

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‘Virat’ @ 30 – A Legendary Journey

It began exactly ten years ago when India's cricketing world found its new gem. A young talented Delhi boy had led his team to victory ...

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#MeToo fire rages on – From America to India

The #MeToo movement that started exactly an year ago continues to rock the world. It has not only exposed big names and ended high profile ...

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From cash to e-wallet; How Indians spend their money

Paytm hai kya? It's a question we are all too familiar with by now. Rewind a few years back and the idea of a mobile ...

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Global Warming effects – Why even half a degree rise matters?

The world is already hotter by 1 degree Celcius. While we know that the dangers of climate change are real, what we don't know is ...

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Bollywood hullabaloo – The American perspective

It's raining song and dance in America and they are soaking it all in. Bollywood movies are making a killing in the West with their ...

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Work hard, Play harder -The new mantra of rising India

"All work, no play", said the headlines sometime back, calling us one of most vacation-deprived countries in the world". That we take fewer vacation days ...

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Jet, Set, Go! How Indians Make-Their-Yatra happen

Indians are taking off like never before. Call it a better lifestyle or a busy one, we are increasingly leaving our nest and traveling wide ...

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