Priyanka Impresses North The Most; West India Least Moved

The run-up to the 2019 elections suddenly got more exciting in January this year. After years of speculation, Priyanka Gandhi finally threw herself in the political ring. With looks and charisma matching her grandmother’s, she came in with huge expectation – that of reviving the Grand Old Party.

Priyanka’s announcement as the Eastern UP in charge, however, came as no surprise, given her connection and familiarity with the region. Even before the dust around her announcement could settle down, the demure politician got down to business, taking full charge of her role with no time to spare.

But how have people across regions taken to Priyanka’s last-minute entry? and how will this impact the vote-bank? Piplsay reached out to voters* across the country to get some of these answers.

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Not surprisingly, Robert Vadra’s land deal controversies came back to haunt Priyanka Gandhi within a few days of her appointment. But despite the hue and cry, she continued to focus on the task at hand. After all, this was just one of the many attacks that the party was expecting to tackle on her behalf.

Appointed just a few crucial months before the elections and with even lesser days to prove her mettle, it was always going to be an uphill task for the Gandhi scion. Priyanka may not be held responsible for the party’s failure if it happens, but will she be able to lead them to their surprise victory in UP? That’s the bigger question.

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* Based on 12,000 responses

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