From cash to e-wallet; How Indians spend their money

Paytm hai kya? It's a question we are all too familiar with by now. Rewind a few years back and the idea of a mobile wallet was somewhat hard to accept, especially in a cash-loving country like ours. But as they say, the times, they are a changing. Within the last couple of years, India has emerged as a digital payment powerhouse. But this journey has been an unlikely one...

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Indian retail set for an e-turn, AI to lead the way

Reliance Industries' foray into the e-commerce space will only raise the stakes higher Indians are shopping like never before.. and a lot of it is happening on the internet. Bitten by the 'unlimited option, jaw-dropping prices' bug, our online shopping craze has contributed massively to making the Indian e-commerce industry one of the world's fastest growing. There is no stopping the mushrooming of start-up's which are catering to almost all our wants and ...

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