Are Indians finally embracing a sports culture

Are Indians finally embracing a sports culture? Hell yeah!!!!

"Sharma uncle ke bete se kuch seekho!!" Growing up in India, Sharma uncle has often been a part of our lives. Rather our parents' lives. Be it for studies, good behavior or money. Obsessed with stability and marriage, we have always paid too much attention to education. Sports, on the other hand, mostly got the royal ignore. But the last few years have been different. There has been a drastic shift in the country's sports ...

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It's raining money for sports in India as leagues make a killing

It’s raining money for sports in India as leagues make a killing

 IPL ad revenues to top Rs 2000 crore this year even as others look at big monies  It's 365+ days of live sports, 365+ days of moolah The hallelujah time for Indian sports continues as there's no stopping the money rain. The television spectacle that started with IPL spilled over to give rise to over ten different sporting leagues in the country with several more in the offing. As IPL continues to rule the ...

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Cricket gets Stumped! It’s ‘Let’s Football’ for the young

62% Indians say Cricket is not their top sporting choice It's bigger, bouncier and shinier Football is slowly stealing away the country's obsession with its mini competitor- the cricket ball. This fact revealed in the Piplsay survey comes as a welcome surprise in a nation that is obsessed with Cricket.  The pan India survey was conducted during the ongoing IPL festival and saw a strong participation of over 26,000 respondents. The fact that youngsters in the age group ...

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