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The Changing Face Of NEWS; The Who, Why & What

It’s no secret that the Indian media landscape has undergone a radical change over the last decade. Technology has been the biggest disrupter, changing the way Indians view and consume News, particularly the millennials. We are living in the age of on-the-go content where information is not only available 24x 7 but is also personalized to our needs and likings.

It’s also the most action-packed time for the News industry. There is more and faster news coverage than ever before, opinions are a dime-a-dozen and competition is stiff. With so much to consume in so little time, people are not only expecting good content but demanding it too. So given the onslaught of information, how much do Indians care about the News and how are they getting their share of News? Here’s Piplsay with the ground report.

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It's NEWS world-piplsay

News has always been an integral part of our lives. Growing up, we were often told to read the newspaper or watch the news with the same seriousness as we would be told to do our homework. From then to now, technology has dramatically changed the way we access information. And given our increasingly digital lives, information is just about everywhere and it’s coming to us in real-time.

But despite the information fatigue, News is here to stay as people will continue to crave for stories in this deeply inter-connected world. What will change perhaps is the medium and the tools to access it. So will the messaging format. We are already immersed in the world of newsletters, apps, videos and podcasts and with wearables set to surpass smartphones as the next technological innovation, byte-sized News might just become the new way of life.

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