The Superhero Mania- Who’s Making Waves In India?

We may be late but India seems to have finally hit the peak of superhero craze. What can then explain the runaway success of  Marvel’s latest offering, Avengers- Endgame? By becoming the first Hollywood film in India to cross the Rs 400 cr mark, that too within weeks of its release, the movie has convincingly brought the superhero genre to the mainstream. Never before did the country witness such massive euphoria before a film release, Bollywood included – a big bold sign of the changing times.

Unlike before, even children and adults are today eager to watch the superheroes battle the evils of the world. It’s the thrill of journeying through an action-packed fantasy world that has been attracting movie-goers to such films in droves. Add to that some seriously good-looking and fierce defenders of the universe and it’s easy to understand their ever-increasing fandom. With the Endgame excitement still simmering, Piplsay reached out to fans across the country to find out which superhero are they rooting for and why? Here are the top 5 favorites:

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It’s not just the hype that draws fans to the theaters but also the thrill of watching how their superheroes have evolved over the years. The recent successes of superhero movies may have weakened the growing chorus on superhero fatigue in the West. But in India, the craze seems to have only just begun. And Hollywood has taken a note of it with Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo coming all the way to India to kick-start his global promotional tour.

Hollywood’s footprint in India is definitely expanding but given the latest superhero fascination, it’s journey looks set for a marvelous leap.

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