Work hard, Play harder -The new mantra of rising India

“All work, no play”, said the headlines sometime back, calling us one of most vacation-deprived countries in the world”. That we take fewer vacation days and are overworked did not come as a surprise to many.

Yet today, most people around us seem to tell a different story – be it in person or on social media. One where they don’t just work hard but play hard as well. So what then is the truth? Are Indians really compromising on their personal lives as is implied? Piplsay took a quick online poll to do a reality check and got 35000 interesting responses that beat all the latest findings.

The balancing act

There’s no doubt that we are living life in a fast lane, cramming as much as we can in a day and scrambling to stay ahead. While this rigour may not change given the day and age, what is certainly changing is our attitude towards life. As days continue to get busier, the need to de-stress is also getting stronger. Even organizations have begun to realize the need for their employees to ease out once in a while with vacation culture becoming the new buzzword.

It’s a win-win situation which is reflected in the fact that a whopping 88% respondents feel that they are maintaining a good work-life balance


‘Break’ing it down

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Gone are the days when asking for leaves and getting one seemed like a herculean task. Today, people are not just planning long vacations regularly but are increasingly opting for short ones as well. Quick weekend trips are quite popular not just amongst young working professionals but also with the older lot.

Close to 61% people surveyed in the age group of 35-54 seem to be taking shorter breaks whenever they can as compared to 59% in the 24-35 age bracket. The need to escape to a quieter place is most pronounced with the city crowd who tend to spend most of the day at work and on the road.

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But while Indians are increasingly taking breaks, it looks like they are not switching off from work completely. Call it job pressure or simply a habit, the need to be tuned into all that is happening at their workplace is quite strong, intentionally or otherwise.


Despite these work-interruptions close to 75% people feel refreshed and more focussed after coming back from a break

Surprisingly, positive work image seems to be their biggest motivator for those who hesitate to take leaves,  particularly to those in North and West India. While intense competition can drive employees to push themselves harder, the perception that personal time-off’s can hurt growth prospects also looms large for many. The fact that employers or supervisors were hardly a hinderance reiterates the attitudinal shift within organizations. Powering this change is also the young aspiration working class that is always raring to go.

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The Piplsay survey clearly shows that Indians have started taking the concept of work-life balance quite seriously. It’s the new kind of multitasking that is fitting into our lives just perfectly!

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